HALTI has become the world's favourite canine headcollar because it has been designed to combine maximum steering efficiency with unequalled comfort for the dog. There are no metal parts in contact with the dog's skin and the point of steering is well down the nose and away from the eyes. A particular feature of the HALTI which is not shared by other designs of headcollar, is that it has an on-off muzzling action to close the dog's jaws. The HALTI makes training and behaviour modification of dogs practical and safe. It can be used in a number of ways: either as a passive means to simply stop dogs pulling, or as an active training aid. Handlers can gently direct the dog's head, steering him into desired positions which can then be rewarded and linked to a command associated with that posture, for example 'sit'!


When using a HALTI, we recommend using the HALTI Link (included with every HALTI). The link attaches the HALTI to the dog's conventional collar and therefore provides additional security.


Designed by Dr Roger Mugford, the HALTI Harness has a unique patented front attachment system that controls the dog from his chest and shoulders - an effective point of control. The HALTI Harness stops pulling, calms over-boisterous dogs and simplifies training and behavioural therapy. The benefit of a properly used HALTI Harness is that it gives total control over the dog's shoulders and thus sets the direction in which he can move. It is best used in conjunction with the double-ended Halti Training Lead, linked to both the chest and shoulder rings of the harness. The specially padded design is extremely comfortable for the dog to wear and is suitable for all breeds. The HALTI Harness comes in three sizes: small, medium and large and includes a comprehensive training guide.


This multi-function HALTI Lead was designed by Dr Roger Mugford to control, guide and tether a dog in a variety of situations. It can be used as an everyday lead or a specialist training tool. Two metres long and double-ended, the HALTI lead provides flexibility; a short lead for heelwork or obedience training, a longer lead for recall and distance work. When used in conjunction with a HALTI or a HALTI Harness, this lead can also provide a vital double-lead system; particularly useful for managing over-boisterous, aggressive or otherwise troublesome dogs.

Stops Pulling

The HALTI range of products have been specifically designed to prevent pulling on the lead.

The HALTI headcollar was developed by Dr Roger Mugford over 20 years ago. The first of its' kind and hailed as the gentle yet effective solution which dog owners have been looking for. The HALTI headcollar and the complete range of HALTI stops pulling products which have since been developed, remain the dog trainer's choice today.

The HALTI harness is a great pulling solution for dogs who cannot or do not like wearing headcollars, whilst the double ended HALTI training lead is ideal for using with both the HALTI headcollar and harness, giving you maximum control.

All HALTI products come complete with a comprehensive training guide.