"I work for Dog Control Solutions and have to let you know how amazing your SoftE collars are.

One of my own dogs, Harvey, has Addison's disease and is extremely vulnerable to stressful situations and in addition  has a low immune system. Yesterday I noticed that he is suffering from skin irritation due to a flea allergy despite being treated with Frontline. I am unable to muzzle him due to his condition so decided to try one of the collars you had provided to DCS.

I was delighted to find that Harvey will lie down and relax while wearing the collar. Dogs with Addison's disease are unable to cope with stressful situations, often making muzzling or using a traditional buster collar a potentially dangerous situation. I cannot express how grateful I am for this wonderful invention! The collar has made me secure in the knowledge that my dog will be protected without the risk of further problems."

Clare and Harvey, May 2010


"Greetings from the USA, I got a dog about 1.5 years ago from Animal Friends. She was wild & out of control, but I slowly "civilized" her, except.....
During our walks, when we'd come upon another dog, she'd always go crazy & want to run after the dog & would be difficult to control, untill....Until I bought your Pet Corrector! I only had to use it a few times & now we can walk past any dog/situation with no problems whatsoever.
The only problem is that you've probably made a product that works TOO well. I still have about 95% of the contents left in the sprayer & probably won't ever have to buy another one. THANKS AGAIN FOR SUCH A GREAT PROUDCT!!!"
Mike Byrne, May 2010


Soft-E_review.jpg"(Soft-E Collar) Having used rigid post op collars in the past without much success, due to them splitting when knocked against walls and door frames, and the way in which my dog got distressed in wearing one, plus the battle to get one on her in the first place. I was dreading having to use one when my dog had to have stitches recently. I was introduced to the SoftE smart collar, and I can only ask where have they been all my dog owning life?
I have to admit I was skeptical at first, thinking at least the paintwork on my walls and door frames would be safe, but I had visions of the softE collar being shredded in minutes. How wrong could I be? My dog not only took to wearing it, she wore it 24/7 for the 10+ days the stitches were in place, and not once did she get distressed about wearing it.
It has since been gently machine washed and has retained its shape and function and is ready in the drawer in case it should ever be needed again! Fantastic value for money and easily reusable, I can't praise these enough"

Iris Thompson, April 2010


"Where is your feedback page? No star ratings next to your products and no enthusiastic endorsements from satisfied customers, why? You sell excellent products (all have quality and purpose) and after receiving a fab unexpected dvd with a lovely interview between Nina Ottosen and Dr Mugford (which I wrongly thought would be a shameless plug of products) I wanted to say thank you and how much my dog was enjoying the purchases, particularly the Aikiou dog bowl and the tornado toy and how the target stick was saving me from back ache (Bichon Frise- a wee breed). So how about it? A page for praise for a job well done?!"

Caroline Gunningham, April 2010


"(CLIX CarSafe) Handy, light and practical, this is a great item for dog owners who want convenience and safety at the same time – when you’re in the great outdoors for the day, it’s always more enjoyable if your little friend comes too…"

4/5 star review from Wideworld.co.uk (see the review in full at: http://www.wideworldmag.co.uk/reviews/clix-car-safe-harness)


"I am writing to you with regard to your 'Pet Corrector' product.  I was an attendee at the Pet Expo on 21 March.  Your company had a table with the Pet Corrector product.  My Great Pyrenees, Lucy, (our 6th Great Pyrenees) is almost 8 years old and having said that, I normally would not look to purchase training products at this senior stage in her life. 
For the most part Lucy is adequately behaved with the exception of certain stubborn habits that she has had since birth - some of which are Great Pyrenees attributes.  First, Great Pyrenees need to bark to let everyone know that they are 'watching'.  Second, and particularly Lucy, they love to be outside and love to pretend that they are hard of hearing when it's time to call them in.   During the past 8 years, we could probably count on our fingers the number of times we called Lucy 'once or twice' to come in and she quickly responded - other than during training sessions, when she knew that she was supposed to pay attention.  Getting her to come inside, especially during inclimate weather, required getting on the boots and coats and climbing through the ice and snow to pull her by her collar.  Sometimes we had to chase her - sometimes she would give in once we were all dressed to get her. 
At the show, I purchased the 'Pet Corrector' and decided to try it on Lucy - to see if it would work at getting her in on our terms and not hers.  When I got home I opened the package and called Lucy inside.  As usual, she ignored me.  I sprayed the nozzle once and called her in again.  She ran into the house immediately.  Wow!  In order to obtain a proper level of confidence that the produce was really working with her, we did it one more time.  She couldn't get into the house fast enough.  From that point forward (after 2 sprays in total), we would call her in and make a 'shshshsh' noise, similar to air coming from the can.  That's all it takes and Lucy runs inside each time and it is almost 2 weeks now since we started this.
The only problem we had was one time we called her in and we had the screen door closed.  She ran into the house before we had the chance to open the door and she knocked the door off the track and bent it.  Totally worth it!
Thank you for a great product.  By the way, this is the first time ever that I have contacted a vendor about a product, unless it was to complain."

Rhonda & Bob Rycraft, April 2010


"I recently bought your Car Safe Harness at a Marshall store in San diego California. I LOVE IT! I have a blue nose pitbull, he is mid size. I purchased your product and read the instructions and I was blown away that I could use it as a harness to walk him, I'm telling you it's the perfect size! I LOVE IT!  I have only used it on him in the car once so he's going to take a little while to adjust to not moving around the car, but I feel so much better knowing he is safe & secure.   THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming up with something like this. I will for sure tell all of my friends and relatives, co workers, ect.  Best of luck!"

Gloria, April 2010


"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Aikiou dog toy that I purchased at Crufts. Our 18 week old chocolate Labrador puppy now takes a full 4 minutes to eat her food rather than the previous 30 seconds!! This must be better for her digestion - Thanks."

Bob Clarke, March 2010


"My partner and I own "Walkies" we do a monthly tried and tested dog product on our website www.walkiesdogs.co.uk. We were really impressed with you Dog Magic interactive game and gave it a 10/10 - we can't wait to try your other products. Have a look at our website...we do dog re-homing and tested the game on our re-homers, theres pictures on their of them enjoying game and a write up."

Charley, February 2010


"WOW!  I want to thank whoever invented the Pet Corrector.  It is  incredibly effective while being  humane.  I have a 170 lb Newfoundland, a Wolf Hybrid and a Bullmastiff.  When someone came to the door, it was havoc. I tried everything, but could not break them out of the "pack mentality". I tried your product one time.  Now all I have to do is reach for that container, and they all sit down and wait for my command. Thank you so much

Susan Sullivan, January 2010


"My 2 Cocker Spaniels (Blue and Robbie) are having great fun with 'Dog Magic'. They patiently wait for their turn and then do not take long to find their treats!"

Miss Girling, November 2009


"After adopting my German Shepherd Dog, nothing whatsoever would deter her from lunging after other dogs. But the Pet Corrector works like a dream – a brilliant product!"

Alexa, German Shepherd Rescue Org., October 2009


"My dog now only has to see the (Pet Corrector) tin in my hand and that is enough to stop him barking!"

Anon, October 2009