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The Dog Pyramid is perfect for occupying and stimulating dogs, as each time the dog moves or knocks the pyramid it is rewarded by the release of food. Simply place the treats or dry kibble into the toy and watch as the dog enjoys the challenge! The Pyramid is weighted at the bottom to make it always self-right to a vertical position, no matter how enthusiastic the game. As with all interactive toys, it is important to supervise play.

The idea behind the 'Dog Tornado' is for the dog to dislodge the removable bones, then turn the revolving sections to reveal hidden treats. The Tornado has many variables to increase the level of difficulty as the dog's skill improves. With a little practice, he will soon learn to dislodge the bones and turn the Tornado to access the rewards.


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‘Dog Spinny’, has a single removable bone that has to be dislodged by the dog, who can then rotate the top section to access treats in the compartments below. By gradually reducing the number of treats, you can encourage him to work harder.


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‘Dog Magic’ is a relatively easy game for dogs to play, where they have to dislodge bones to access hidden treats.  You may choose to put treats under one, several or all of the bones to vary the difficulty of the game.  By switching the location of the treat, you can encourage him to really focus and use his nose to seek out treasure!


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Other Fun & Challenging Toys

Training Dumbbells are ideal for retrieval training. Made from highly visible moulded plastic, they are tough, durable and even float in water! Available in three sizes to suit every breed of dog.

Too many toys just can't take the strain! The Boomer Ball is designed for those larger-than-life characters who love to chase and conquer - typically Bull Terriers and other 'macho' breeds. It is designed not to be picked up by the dog, so should be a size bigger than the dog can carry. It can also be a therapeutic toy to enrich the environment of elephants, pigs, polar bears or any other bored, inquisitive animal.

This aerodynamic retrieval toy flies over long distances, promoting fun and fitness in dogs. The Fantasy Flyer is rubber-edged for safety and comfort, easy to pick up and floats in water. A favourite for dogs and their young-at-heart friends.

The Training Dummy is the classic product for retrieval training.  It is brightly coloured, making it highly visible and easy for dogs to find.  It comes with a small rope attached so you can throw long distances with ease.  Training Dummies are made from 100% canvas outer with a dense cork filling, so that it floats.

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