Meet the Team

Our team is the backbone of our business. Each individual member plays an integral part to the smooth running of the company. With years of experience running through our team of staff it ensures the service we provide is of the highest quality.
Cody Rossi

Cody Rossi

VP of Sales

Favorite Hobbies: Cycling, Running, Traveling with my wife & Playing with my kids

Favorite CoA Product(s): Because my dogs best skill is guarding our home from Squirrels with his ferocious bark, the Pet Corrector is my best friend.

Your dog (or pet) is most known for: Barking, Nervous peeing, sleeping on the heating vents

2nd favorite animal (behind your pet): Lions!

Edgar Carreno

Edgar Carreno

Territory Sales Manager, Americas

Favorite Hobbies: Swimming, running, classical music, admiring nature, and birds

Favorite CoA Product(s):  New Halti No Pull Harness and Baskerville muzzle.

Your dog (or pet) is most known for (please include their name(s)): Tropical fish named Beta

2nd favorite animal (behind your pet or if you don’t have a pet): Air dale Terrier

Mike Iantosca

Mike Iantosca

Senior Key Account Manager, Americas

Favorite Hobbies: I’m a pet lover, who is an avid outdoorsman enjoying activities like hiking, running, backpacking fishing etc….When I’m not feeling so ambitious, I enjoy playing guitar, yoga and spending time with my family.

Favorite CoA Product(s): Pet Corrector for sure!  Behavioral issues are the #1 reason cat and dogs are given up by their owners.  The Pet Corrector is a highly effective training tool to interrupt unwanted behavior, and to quickly train/reward your pet for positive behavior.  Addressing and fixing these behavioral issue plays a big role in reducing the number of homeless pets!

Your dog (or pet) is most known for (please include their name(s)): Danner was a service dog in training who unfortunately did not pass his final advanced training to become a service dog, but he became and an amazing family dog for me!  Danner was part of my family for 10 years, and best known for being the most laid back, easy going Lab ever!  Little Gray Kitty is best known for training about 8 service dogs not to mess with cats.  She’s confident enough to stand her ground to let a pup in training be curious, but gentle when it was time to let the pup know they’re pushing their luck.

2nd favorite animal (behind your pet or if you don’t have a pet): The Cloud Antelope