Meet the Team

Our team is the backbone of our business. Each individual member plays an integral part to the smooth running of the company. With years of experience running through our team of staff it ensures the service we provide is of the highest quality.
Megan Dam

Megan Dam

Orders Processing Specialist, Americas

Hobbies: Rock climbing, hiking and camping with my dog! And knitting because I’m an old lady.

Favorite CoA Product(s): the Pet Corrector. It’s so effective at interrupting bad behavior.

Your dog (or pet) is most known for (please include their name(s)):  Biggie is best known for curling up betwixt my legs to snuggle and nap

2nd favorite animal (behind your pet or if you don’t have a pet): the octopus, it’s insanely intelligent!

Ryan Ashley

Ryan Ashley

Supply Chain Manager

Favorite Hobbies:  Video games, carpentry, and camping.

Favorite CoA Product(s): The Halti Headcollar.  A simple, functional design with a little bit of style.  It’s just a great handsome looking collar.

2nd favorite animal (behind your pet or if you don’t have a pet): I grew up in the farmlands of Michigan, and perhaps by best fur-friend was a bunny named Bandit.