What is Catch?

Catch is a revolutionary way to turn your cat’s meal into a challenging game.

Many cats lack mental stimulation which can lead to boredom.

By entertaining your cat using their own food to stimulate their natural instincts and ability to catch food with their paws, you can help to remove these problems.

How does it work?

The nature of cats

One of the most fascinating things about cats is their complex nature – being both domesticated pets and wild nature from nose to tail.

During daytime they’re loving members of our families with scratches behind the ear and sleepy moments at the lap. During the night – however – their instincts tell them to go hunting for mice and birds around the neighborhood.

It’s obvious that one of the greatest challenges for any cat owner is to make a home which manages to reflect both sides of this double nature.

Not all cats have free access to outside environments – and even fewer are able to hunt around the neighborhood at night. Thus, many cats live a great deal of their life indoor without being able to follow their most basic instincts.

This modern dilemma is in fact quite easy to solve: If it’s not possible for the cat to follow its instincts outdoor then this should be made possible indoor. Catch is an interactive feeder that stimulates your cat’s instincts and turns your home into an inspiring hunting zone.”

Catch Facts

One-piece moulded feeder for cats

Made in hard phthalate-free plastic with four anti-slippery feet.

Single size and single colour product weighing 476 grams and measuring 27 x 23 x 8 cm.

Consists of 37 purple spikes – all of them between 2 and 6 cm in height and all of them smoothly rounded.

Has an outer edge allowing wet food and approx. 0.3 litre of water.