Company of Animals IMAP policy

January 24, 2018


Company of Animals Vendor Partner,


We are writing to inform you that The Company of Animals has adopted a new Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) policy. This policy, like its predecessors, has been implemented in order to create a fair and competitive marketplace for all retail partners and to protect the value of our brands.

Unilateral Policy

You are free to decide whether to follow this policy. This policy does not constitute an agreement between you and The Company of Animals, and The Company of Animals is not seeking a response from you. This IMAP policy immediately supersedes all other MAP Policies previously put in place by The Company of Animals. Although you remain free to resell The Company of Animals products at the price of your choosing, effective immediately we will cancel all orders and indefinitely terminate any supply relationship with a reseller that The Company of Animals determines has advertised, offered, or sold our products at a net retail sales price that is less than the minimum Advertised Price (as defined below) set and announced by The Company of Animals on a periodic basis. This policy is non-negotiable. Upon violation of the policy, The Company of Animals will immediately cease all product shipments to the violating reseller. Probationary or suspension periods will not be permitted.

Minimum Advertised Price

In order to comply, authorized resellers, and customers thereof, must never advertise The Company of Animals products below the specified IMAP. “Advertised Price” includes any pricing visible to consumers and includes, but is not limited to, sales on Amazon, 3rd party marketplaces, eBay, e-commerce websites, social media advertisements, email or any other forms of electronic communication.

The Company of Animals reserves the right to add any reseller to our “Do Not Ship” list at any time, with or without warnings. The Company of Animals reserves the right to adjust IMAP pricing and policies.

We thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Best Regards,

The Company of Animals IMAP team