At The Company of Animals we are passionate about creating behaviour enhancing products to improve the relationship between people and their dogs. Our pioneering approach is founded on the firm belief that most dog owning challenges can be prevented if owners have access to the right training products and advice. We are dedicated to putting animal welfare at the forefront of what we do and strongly advocate a humane approach to dog training. We do understand and respect that there are multiple perspectives on the right approach for dog training and for The Company of Animals education is a large part of our company ethos and corporate strategy. Utilising the comprehensive experience of our on-site animal behaviour clinic team, we invest considerably in promoting a balanced approach to dog training. We view with paramount importance issues of safety, quality control and strive to make consistent improvements to all products and clearly see a principle responsibility to investigate all reported incidents that occur with our products taking accountability if failings occur.

We have every compassion for this dog and her owner and our responsibilities to pet welfare training and behaviour are paramount in our daily mission. We fully understand that lunging dogs are unpredictable at the best of times. If requested through our on-site animal training clinic team, we would have advised the use of a harness and 2 points of contact to aid training. This is one of the principles that led to these leads development. The training lead in question had been owned and used frequently without incident for several years and was being used in conjunction with other industry products.  Multi communication with the owner allowed us access to the lead and It was tested rigorously to duplicate this sad incident. We were unable to replicate any cited spontaneous release. A report with result findings combined with detailed explanations were returned to the owner with the lead.

We communicate daily with customers to achieve, review and improve items manufactured for our company. Quality control and batch procedures are in place with all our manufacturing facilities with strict guidelines set out for product production. Dr. Roger Mugford has spent 40 years educating dog owners globally on the use of well-designed training devices and combinations of training solutions that are highly effective for the training and rehabilitation of dogs. We continue to work together with our customers and retailers across the globe to educate and advise on the correct and safe use of our entire range. Our innovative brands such as HALTI, CLIX, Baskerville and Pet Corrector are now sold in over 50 countries around the world.