Interzoo 2014

UK pet supplier hits Interzoo with bonanza of brilliant new treats and training aids!

May 2014

The Company of Animals team is out in force for Interzoo 2014, unveiling a range of brilliant new products, all launching exclusively at this year’s event.

From its innovative new headcollars and harnesses for dogs, to tasty cat treats, The Company of Animals is excited to be demonstrating its commitment to providing only the most progressive high-quality training aids at the world’s biggest gathering of pet trade movers and shakers.

This year the innovative company is also unveiling a new-look bigger stand, bigger than previous displays and especially designed to help showcase all its exciting new ranges. The impressive new stand has also been thematically designed to match with The Company of Animals’ colourful integrated new website, which launched last month at

New products set to take the show by storm include:

HALTI OPTIFIT – a premium version of the classic HALTI headcollar with a self-adjusting chin straps, reflective cheek pieces and neoprene padding for extra comfort. The HALTI Optifit also comes with training DVD designed to be used as a holistic “guaranteed to stop pulling training programme”.

Anxiety Wrap – a pioneering coat that gives pets a therapeutic hug using scientifically proven acupressure on key points of the dog’s body to relieve stress, mimicking the calming effects of hugging a distressed child.

Quiet Dog – a simple but ingenious face wrap designed by The Company of Animals that acts as a ‘gentle shush’ solution to calm anxious barking. It is both easy-to-use for owners and non-restrictive for the pets wearing it.

Walkezee Dog Training Harness – a handmade body-steering harness that attaches to a dog’s lead and uses a moving padded chest strap to absorb the forward force of the dog when pulling, which loosens when the animal comes to heel.

Coachies Lick Treats – perfectly sized to fit in a pocket, this deliciously different lickable rollerball version of the much-loved original Coachies Training Treats is only one calorie per eight licks and comes in chicken and bacon flavours.

Coachies Cat Treats – healthy new low-calorie treats to satisfy cats, they come in chicken and tuna flavours and have been specially formulated to maintain healthy hearts and joints, as well as combat hair balls. Packed with Omega 3, cellulose, taurine and natural antioxidants.  


For all media enquiries please contact The Company of Animals press office on 01223 272800 or email