Smyth Versus the USPCA

A judgement has been entered today against the USPCA on numerous charges, they have awarded compensation to Gerry Smyth in respect of losses incurred and admitted negligence in the seizure, detention, care, control, upkeep, and welfare, of the animals held in their custody.

Its six and a half years since these dogs were wrongly removed from Gerry Smyths kennels and it has been a terrible ordeal for the Smyth family.

Canine Breeders Ireland have been supporting The Smyths throughout this process and we are delighted with todays ruling. Gerry Smyth runs a "role model" kennels, both Canine Breeders Ireland & Gerrys Friends and family have always known this.

This is a case that has been coming for many years, it has been adjourned 19 times and were it not for the perseverance and determination of Mr Smyth it might never have got to this day.

From the start this has been a shocking case, These dogs should never have been removed from Mr Smyth, they were removed without justification and when they should have been returned, they were not. The USPCA held these dogs for 6 months and they had a duty of care towards these animals. They failed completely in their duty of care. These dogs were abused while in their care and further the tax payer paid the USPCA over £23.688 for their abuse. The carers became the abusers. The USPCA provided no defence in this case and claim their file of evidence went missing.

Canine Breeders Ireland are calling for the resignation of the chief executive of the USPCA Stephen Philpott and the disbandment of that organisation. They have failed in the primary function for which they were founded in 1836, this is Ulster oldest and most widely known charity and in a criminal case these charges would have carried a custodial sentence.

Canine Breeders Ireland have been campaigning for years that charities must comply with animal welfare legislation, charities must be licensed and inspected regularly by competent inspectors. We will be asking our elected representatives to bring forward legislation to make this possible. It is time the people of this country understood, dog breeding is a legitimate honourable profession. Licensed dog breeders are good to their animals and they are the ones qualified to care for them. Charities like the USPCA cannot be allowed to abuse their position of trust and abuse animals.




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