Who do you love more this Valentine's Day… your partner or pet?


As Valentine’s Day draws near, many of us will be spending time with loved ones, whether it’s a quiet night in front of the TV, or a meal out at a fancy restaurant. But, what about those who’d much prefer to spend their Valentine’s Day with their beloved pets?

For many it’s apparent that the love of their pet, especially those with a dog, comes in close to the love of their partner or significant other. With some skirting around the subject and others proudly announcing their love for their four legged friend, it is no secret that pets are slowly overtaking partners in people’s hearts.

Dog training and behaviour experts, The Company of Animals, interviewed over 2,000 dog owners and found that nearly two thirds of owners (63%) said they loved their dog as much as they do their partner and 75% said that their dog is their best friend.

In fact, 68% of those surveyed consider their dog much more than just a pet, and actually as a member of the family. And for those of us who are worried about the risk of an intruder, 63% of dog owners said that their furry friend does a great job in warning off potential burglars. It’s clear to see that pets are loved for their caring and protective nature.

Communication is key between loved ones, and 74% of owners believe their dog understands what they say, which makes the bond between an owner and their pet even more special. And where calming qualities are concerned, 82% of owners believe that their dog is able to calm them down when they are feeling stressed or upset.

Vicky Benneworth, Marketing Manager at The Company of Animals, commented on the survey results saying: “Dogs are fantastic creatures, and it’s clear they mean so much to so many people. An integral part of our work at The Company of Animals is that we’re passionate about creating behaviour enhancing products to improve the relationship between people and their dogs. It’s great that we can celebrate that this Valentine’s Day “

She continued: “This survey has been a great eye opener to see just how much people care about their pets and reflects in the type of products they then purchase. We are committed to creating products that owners are proud to purchase for their pets.”

For those who really want to treat their dog this Valentine’s, why not try a product from The Company of Animals’ HALTI product range?  Stylish and practical, the HALTI range offers a variety of non-pull solutions including harnesses, headcollars and training leads for dogs of all types and sizes. Visit https://www.companyofanimals.co.uk/brands/halti-walking to find out more.