Discover how smart your dog is in 2014!

Make 2014 the year to discover just how clever your dog really is with the Nina Ottosson range of interactive games, which can help keep your dog mentally stimulated.

Nina Ottosson’s dog games, available from The Company of Animals, are a great way to mentally challenge your dog, whilst also reinforcing his relationship within the family. Each fun game has a unique mechanism that requires mental as well as physical skill, to work through the challenge to reveal the hidden food treats. The games can be set at different levels to suit all ages and dog breeds.

The Company of Animals has devised a list of the top four Nina Ottosson games to keep your pooch entertained in the New Year:

  • Dog MixMax Puzzle (RRP £9.99) is a new and unique activity game, where you can use one game by itself or create a bigger game by combining three of them together. Simply hide treats or dry food through the hole in the top of each block, and see if your dog can figure out how to find them by sliding the blocks through one of the openings. There are three puzzles available in the MixMax range: easy, medium and advanced.
  • Dog Brick (RRP £25.00) is a medium level game which has removable bones that slide across to a wider section of the groove. The dog learns to slide these to reveal the hidden treat. The game is water, dishwasher and slobber proof!
  • The Dog Tornado game (RRP £19.99) has several adjustable settings which increase the level of difficulty for your dog. This provides more challenging ways to dislodge the removable bones and turn the revolving sections to find the treats.
  • Dog Magic (RRP £17.99) is a relatively easy game for any dog to play. The dog must dislodge bones to access the hidden treats, which can be placed under one, several, or all of the bones to vary the level of difficulty. The game can also be used with cats.

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