Dog Training for Dummies

Even the most experienced dog owner can benefit from starting from a blank canvas when it comes to training their new dog or puppy and the UK’s leading training and behaviour experts – The Company of Animals – has launched its ‘Dog Training Kit For Dummies’ to help all dog owners to create a very special bond with their canine companion.

The kit includes a simple to follow guide together with practical training aids designed to make dog ownership a pleasurable experience. After all, whatever its breed or age, a trained dog is a content, balanced and happy dog. By simply doing some fun dog training every few days, you are giving yourself and your dog the best possible chance to flourish together.

You don't need to be a professional dog trainer to achieve this either. Just follow some basic rules from the guide and with the help of a few practical aids from the ‘Dog Training Kit for Dummies’ you’ll be on the path to a fulfilled relationship with your dog.

The Company of Animals has developed a pack for adult dogs and a training kit for puppies. The adult pack which retails for £14.99, contains a CLIX Whizzclick (combined whistle and clicker), Coachies treat bag, CLIX 2.5m training line, weekly progress tracker and a simple to follow but comprehensive training guide that covers key commands for clicker training including sit, down, stay and recall. It also incorporates ways of eliminating poor behaviour such as pulling or jumping up.

The puppy kit also retails for £14.99 and includes a CLIX multi clicker with volume control, puppy Coachies treat bag, CLIX 2.5m puppy housetraining line, weekly progress tracker and comprehensive training guide that teaches key commands for training including sit, down and stay together with ways to housetrain your puppy, methods of socialising and handling your puppy.

Liz McGuinness, Marketing & Business Development Manager of Company of Animals, said: “Dog Training Kits for Dummies contains everything a dog owner needs to get the best results from training their pet pooch. The guide explains in easy steps how to train your dog or puppy for best results in line with the world’s leading dog trainers’ methods.”

“Wiley is pleased to be working with Company of Animals to bring the Dummies’ promise of making everything easier to the UK pet community,” said Marc J Mikulich VP Brand Management and International Rights at Wiley producers of the For Dummies books.

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