Halti Headcollar

Halti Headcollar on dog. Dog muzzle restraint
Halti Headcollar

The latest Halti Headcollar has been fully redesigned with a new no pull function which is highly responsive so owners see immediate results and the dog can learn quicker. The design also increases stability preventing the headcollar sliding on the dog’s face. Built to manage even the strongest pullers, Halti Headcollars are lightweight with a fully padded noseband and no heavy metal work on the dog’s face to maximize dog comfort.

In a consumer trial for the new design, 93% of dog owners claimed that “the Halti Headcollar stopped their dog from pulling” and said, “it made dog walks much easier and less stressful”. Halti Headcollars are approved by vets and recommended by canine experts worldwide.

Please note: Size 0 and size 5 are only available in black but sizes 1-4 can be purchased in Black or Red