Remote Control Training Collars (spray, vibration or sound)

Remote control collars can be a helpfull tool when training your dog; they can be used to gain his attention or interrupt him when displaying unwanted behaviours such as chasing, eating inappropriate items or ignoring your recall command. This enables you to then direct the dog into a more positive behaviour and reward him for doing so which will ultimately be more successful than constantly getting cross or shouting at your dog!

 It is also possible to link a reward with the 'beep' function (on MasterPlus) or vibrate function (on Clix) allowing you to 'mark' positive behaviour thus working like a remote clicker!

The Clix vibration function is also useful for training deaf dogs allowing you a way to communicate even if your dog is distracted and not looking towards you.

If you have any questions as to whether a remote training collar will be suitable for your particular dog/problem then please feel free to contact us.